POLIIICE vision is to advance European LEAs to a novel lawful-interception, investigation and intelligence era in which they will be able to effectively prevent, detect and investigate crime and terrorism amid the new age of communication (5G&Beyond, end-to-end encrypted communication and Quantum based encryption).


New age technologies turn legacy LI solutions to totally in-effective and therefore put significant risk on Europe’s fight against crime and terrorism.


POLIIICE will research and model QUDDaaS (Quantum unlock, detection and decryption as a service) as an envisaged central service, potentially outsourced at pan EU level.


Improvement of the information exchange and cooperation among European LEAs by proposing and implementing a mechanism and procedure for exchanging pseudo-anonymized suspect identifiers.

POLIIICE Project has received funding by the European Union’s Horizon – Research and Innovation Framework Programme, under grant agreement no 101073795

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