About POLIIICE Project

POLIIICE vision is to advance European LEAs to a novel lawful-interception (LI), investigation and intelligence era in which they will be able to effectively prevent, detect and investigate crime and terrorism amid the new age of communication (5G&Beyond, end-to-end encrypted communication and Quantum based encryption).

These new age technologies turn legacy LI solutions to totally in-effective and therefore put significant risk on Europe’s fight against crime and terrorism. POLIIICE will offer, research, validate and demonstrate array of innovative LI measures at cloud & network level as well as at edge device level that together will enable LEAs to efficiently overcome the new age challenges and enable high throughput of its LI.

In addition, POLIIICE will research and model QUDDaaS (Quantum unlock, detection and decryption as a service) as an envisaged central service, potentially outsourced at pan EU level, which will harness quantum computing for decryption of lawfully intercepted encrypted communication (which is vulnerable to Quantum’s Shor algorithm), for brute force detection of target-user’s credentials/tokens needed to access encrypted cloud-native apps and for Quantum unlock of lawfully seized edge devices.

QUDDaaS may also detect and classify LI communications that are resistant to Quantum decryption power and therefore can’t be decrypted. POLIIICE also aims to improve the information exchange and cooperation among European LEAs by proposing and implementing a mechanism and procedure for exchanging pseudo-anonymized suspect identifiers.

POLIIICE is designed for ensuring the cost-effectiveness, security and integrity of the new age LI and will provide the legal and ethical framework for each of its measures while strictly complying with privacy preserving and ethics rules of operation. POLIIICE will contribute to the LI standardization and will recommend EU regulation changes for effective adaptation of POLIIICE vision and innovative LI measures.