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Latest News

POLIIICE Consortium Meeting and Workshop  – 19.10.2023

POLIIICE Project held its Consortium Meeting and Workshop on October 10th and 11th 2023 in Chișinău, Republic of Moldova.

POLIIICE project carried out a Consortium Meeting and Workshop “LEAS training on POLIIICE LI measures”. The 2-day event has been organized and hosted in hybrid mode by our Consortium Partner from General Police Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic of Moldova.

The Consortium Meeting took place on October 10th and the Workshop on October 11th with the participation of all consortium partners, end users and invited guests from EUROPOL.

The first day of the meeting our consortium partners presented the POLIIICE project and its progress so far.

The workshop that took place on the second day was dedicated to “LEAS training on POLIIICE LI measures”. In the workshop the participants had the opportunity to be presented in several demos and presentations regarding POLIIICE solution – LI technologies and EUROPOL’s introduction, overview, and Interests.

POLIIICE Consortium would like to express its commitment for the next steps of the research conducted and is looking forward to the organization of the next successful Event!”

POLIIICE online meeting with EUROPOL Innovation Lab – 17.08.2023

POLIIICE  project on the 17th August 2023 POLIIICE project organised an online meeting with Europol Innovation Lab representatives to discuss upon the research conducted throughout the scope and objectives of POLIIICE project.

POLIIICE project was represented by the Coordinator Hochschule für den öffentlichen Dienst in Bayern the Technical Manager LibereU and the Dissemination Leader Center for Security Studies (KEMEA).

POLIIICE in CYBERSPACE LEAs Cluster – July 2023

POLIIICE project was invited to participate into CYBERSPCE Project LEAs Cluster and to join forces along with several other EU Research Projects such as: ALIGNER, Ceasefire Project, DYNAMO Horizon Europe project 101069601, EU-HYBNET, KINAITICS Horizon Europe Project, ODYSSEUS Project, POLIIICE & UNCOVER Project and more.

The LEA projects cluster – led by the CYBERSPACE Project – is a synergy of EU-funded projects with common stakeholders and similar objectives in supporting law enforcement against organised crime and terrorism.

The cluster aims to:
➡ Share knowledge in order to support law enforcement against money-laundering, cybercrime, organised crime and terrorism, for example, by webinars for the partners in the cluster.
➡ Leverage our dissemination activities by mentioning the projects in the cluster on our websites, inviting articles from the cluster projects in our newsletter.
➡ Ensure the coherence and complementarity of our recommendations to the EC, LEAs and other stakeholders, as far as possible.
➡ Explore a degree of interoperability or compatibility between our technical platforms, modules and/or services.
➡ Explore synergies, research opportunities and possible joint exploitation activities.

Projects to Policy seminar on security research – 14-15.06.2023

POLIIICE project participated in the Projects to Policy seminar on security research which was held in Brussels on the 14-15 June 2023. POLIIICE project was presented in an audience of 130 people who represented European Commission, Law Enforcement Aganecies, the Academia and other EU Research funded projects.

Following the opening statements, the event started with sessions on dissemination and exploitation of research results. DG RTD gave advice on how to improve the uptake of the research results, and afterwards, Europol presented the EU Innovation Hub and Innovation Lab for Internal Security and CEPOL gave an overview of the training platform for law enforcement agencies.

The event continued with break-out sessions, giving the participants the opportunity to go deeper into the individual projects by and across thematic areas. The policy officers from Commission services and EU agencies received direct information on what the projects can provide in terms of policy development.

POLIIICE at InfoCom Security in Athens – 13.04.2023

The POLIIICE project will participate at the 13th Infocom Security Conference which will be held in Athens on the 26-27 April 2023.

Through the central notion of “The Power of AI in Cyber Security”, the 13th Infocom Security will highlight all developments in Cyber Security, in the age of Artificial Intelligence’s rise, the rapid development of Digital Transformation, and the ever-increasing quantitative and qualitative threats in cyberspace.

POLIIICE Workshop in Paris – 24.03.2023

The POLIIICE workshop took place in DMIA Premises in Paris, France on the 22nd of March 2023. The Workshop provided a platform for the participants to discuss the latest developments in the field of lawful-interception and investigate new techniques and technologies for advancing the capabilities of law enforcement agencies. The event also enabled the consortium partners to showcase their latest research and development efforts in the field.

The POLIIICE workshop was a huge success in enabling law enforcement agencies to stay ahead of the curve in the new age of communication and encryption. The event demonstrated the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors in advancing the capabilities of law enforcement agencies.

The POLIIICE project will continue to drive innovation in the field of lawful-interception and provide law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to prevent, detect and investigate crime and terrorism effectively.

POLIIICE Presentation in NOTIONES Webinar – 04.01.2023

Within the synergies framework between POLIIICE and NOTIONES European funded projects, POLIIICE will participate and be presented at the webinar that NOTIONES and UNCOVER projects organize online with the title “The use of social networks for terrorist purposes Challenges; Challenges, gaps and related innovation solutions in the field of steganalysis” on 17th of February 2023.

Τhe scope of the webinar is to provide an overview of methods and practices, which are applied by law enforcement agencies across Europe to counteract the use of social media networks for the organisation and conduction of terrorists actions. The event will aim to also shed light on existing challenges and gaps and related innovation solutions in the field of steganalysis.

Find out more in NOTIONES webpage

Press Release POLIIICE Project Kick-Off Meeting – 27.10.2022

Twenty-two organizations from 14 different countries joined forces for a new Research and Innovation EU project which aims to advance European LEAs to a novel lawful-interception (LI), investigation and intelligence era in which they will be able to effectively prevent, detect and investigate crime and terrorism amid the new age of communication (5G&Beyond, application level End to End Encryption and Quantum based cryptography) while providing the legal framework and guidelines to strictly comply with privacy preserving and ethics rules of operation.

In addition, POLIIICE will propose standardization and regulations improvements that will support the LI in the age of communication and will provide a novel method to improve the information exchange and cooperation between European LEAs.

POLIIICE project kicked-off in October 2022 in a two-day meeting (19-20 Oct.) on the premises of the University of Applied Sciences for Public Service in Bavaria- Department of Policing (HfoeD) in Fürstenfeldbruck, Munich, covering a comprehensive agenda and coming to a clear action plan for the upcoming months. At this meeting, more than 30 attendees who represented all the partners had the opportunity to set up the preliminary communications and rules that will facilitate the project implementation.

The Project Officer enthusiastically welcomed this attempt while highlighting the significance of any potential security, ethical, and legal difficulties. He also mentioned just few issues, primary among them the sustainability of the project’s solution.

POLIIICE is being coordinated by HfoeD and will last for 36 months.

POLIIICE is funded by the European Commission with a total amount of about 5 Million Euro.

The Consortium

Coordinator: HfoeD (Germany) Partners: DMIA (France), KWP (Poland), LBU (Israel), MDP (Moldova), HP (Greece), PN (France), CNTRC (UK), SPA (Sweden), UPM (Spain), MU (Czech Republic), CEA (France), KEMEA (Greece), BAE (UK), TID (Spain), NKA (Belgium), RS (Germany), EP (Estonia), ROP (Romania), ELK (France), ESMIR (Spain), KPMG (Denmark)